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Sharing Pay-per-Use

Build up sustainable recurring revenues by sharing the purchase price with linx4 and profit from on-going Pay-per-Use revenues, which increases your ROS and allows you to win price sensitive customers more often!

The Problem 

Equipment Builders (OEM): 

Want to increase their equipment sales but are exposed to massive price pressure in the industry and therefore need new sales strategies.

Equipment Buyers (Operator):

Are often forced by their own price sensitive market environment to choose the cheapest, but not the best supplier.

The Solution

The equipment builder (OEM) offers the equipment to the equipment buyer (operator) at a reduced, very attractive, price, but only if the equipment buyer finances the equipment via
Pay-Per-Use. linx4 buys the equipment at this price and leases it to the equipment buyer (operator). Subsequently, the Pay-Per-Use revenue will be shared with the equipment builder (OEM) when it reaches a certain threshold. Therefore the equipment builder (OEM) is able to earn even more than 100% of the original sales price. 

The innovative financing solution makes it possible to rule the market by offering competitive prices!

The Process

  • The OEM receives 80% of the purchase price upfront. The missing 20% will be refinanced by the Pay-per-Use payments of the operator

  • The operator starts paying its
    Pay-per-Use payments depending on its actual utilization. Also the maintenance fees can be linked to the actual utilization

  • The OEM receives the maintenance costs as well as the Pay-per-Use payments of the lessee that exceed 80% of the planned utilization

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Benefits for the OEM

  • Win price sensitive customers

  • Sustainable recurring revenues for OEM

  • Upsell customers with additional full-service contracts and spare part deliveries

  • Reach overall a higher ROS per customer and increase customer relationship

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Benefits for the Operator​

  • Decide for the best and not only the cheapest supplier

  • Hedge your cost-management against under-utilization

  • Develop a reliable long-term relationship with the OEM

  • Receive excellent data for predictive maintenance


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