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5 questions to Pedro Diaz from Vermeer-Kifour

Vienna, Austria – April 2023

Switzerland based Vermeer-Kifour announced a new collaboration with linx4 in September 2022. The company is dedicated to special construction machinery and has been manufacturing for recycling, trenchless drilling, micro-trenching and environmental technology for over 70 years. As Vermeer-Kifour is a global key-player in its field, linx4 is even more happy about implementing Pay-per-Use financing together at this magnitude. In the following blogpost, we asked the Head of Marketing at KifourGroup & CEO of Vermeer Hungary Pedro Diaz five questions about the cooperation with linx4 and how he, as a decider sees Pay-per-Use.

5 questions to Pedro Diaz from Vermeer-Kifour

1. How do you assess the trend towards Pay-per-Use in general?

Flexible financing models such as Pay-per-Use significantly increase the demand for financing solutions. Thanks to the coupling of financing costs to the utilization of the machine, customers can reduce their investment risk, which makes financing additionally attractive. It is very likely that Pay-per-Use models will therefore gain further in importance.

2. Why did Vermeer-Kifour decide to work with linx4 & what do you expect from the cooperation with linx4 in the future?

The consultation was decisive for our decision. In preparatory discussions, we were able to address our industry-specific situation as well as the respective customer needs.

For the future in the Hungarian market, new sales potential is opening up for us, which we want to use in cooperation with linx4.

3. Which customer segments do you want to address and win over with Pay-per-Use?

Our customers are active in the fields of biomass recycling and special civil engineering. We want to work on these two segments even more intensively, i.e. we are focusing on higher market penetration.

4. Where do you see the biggest advantages of Pay-per-Use for your customers?

The biggest advantage lies in the variable risk models. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want to hedge the under-productivity of their investment thanks to linx4's Pay-per-Use model. Particularly interesting, therefore, is the fact that customers have lower financing costs when their machines are underutilized.

5. What goals and what vision are you pursuing with your company in terms of Pay-per-Use?

It is important that we offer our clients tailor-made options for an optimal investment decision. We can achieve this with flexible financing models that are adapted to the customers needs. Our goal is therefore to further develop our product offering, in which adaptive financing models are a central part of the customer benefit.

About linx4 - Industrial IoT Fintech

Backed by over 15 years of Industrial IoT and 20 years of asset financing expertise, linx4 serves financial institutions and equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a one-stop solution for adopting Pay-per-Use financing. linx4’s platform is an Industrial IoT solution that combines secure and trustworthy industry data with financing algorithms, to meet new customer demands for more flexibility without compromising risk-management or scalability.

linx4: Transforming equipment financing.

Pedro Diaz Vermeer

Pedro Diaz

Head of Marketing at KifourGroup & CEO of Vermeer Hungary


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