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5 questions to Michael Huth from ZK-System

They have grown continuously since their foundation. Today, ZK-System is the leader in the field of EDM machines in Germany and the global technology leader in the field of software-supported automation for tool and mould making. We are happy to work with such partners, so we asked 5 questions to Michael Huth to know what he thinks about our cooperation, what he expects and more. Read the interview and get his opinion, which can be useful for you!

1. Pay-per-use has now arrived in the industry and is seen as one of the next 'must haves' in machine financing. How do you assess the pay-per-use trend?

It will be another goal-oriented way to provide production capacity in the future without having to make large investments. Negotiations with banks, provision of proprietory capital - all these disadvantages - do not exist with pay-per-use.

2. Linx4 is one of the pioneers in the market and is always developing innovative pay-per-use solutions together with machine manufacturers. What motivated you to cooperate with linx4? What do you expect from the cooperation with linx4 in the future?

Unlike traditional financiers, Linx4 actively goes to market together with machine manufacturers. The risk management of Linx4 is much more innovative than that of the classic house banks. Therefore, we expect a lot of joint projects with Linx4.

3. One of linx4's USPs is the actual assumption of the risk of underutilisation, i.e. not just an extension of the financing term. What do your customers appreciate about this?

The high flexibility and solutions that are appropriate for current market situations.

4. Click & Finance is a Point of Sales financing tool from linx4 that makes it as easy as in the B2C sector to calculate financing questions and different financing options precisely for a customer with just a few clicks and to conclude contracts. How do you think Point of Sales financing will change your business in the future?

The trend can be seen that there will be increasingly short-term decisions very close to the necessary production capacity. A quick financing decision is an important building block here.

5. What goals and vision are you pursuing with your company in terms of pay-per-use?

Our goal: We aim to achieve a share of at least 20% of sales financing via pay-per-use.

Our vision: To help drive forward this reorientation in machine financing.

About Zimmer & Kreim GmbH & Co. KG

ZK-System is a leader in the field of EDM machines in Germany and the global technology leader in the field of software-supported automation for tool and mould making. Successful developments such as the electrode plate changer, the genius control and various software modules from the ZK series stand for this. Their handling system Chameleon has given them the decisive breakthrough on the international markets. With this and the far-sighted further development of their software, they have made a name for themselves worldwide as process optimisers. Today, Zimmer&Kreim is represented in more than 30 countries: Around the globe, their customers rely on the economic power of the company.

About linx4 - Industrial IoT Fintech

Backed by over 15 years of Industrial IoT and 20 years of asset financing expertise, linx4 serves financial institutions and equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a one-stop solution for adopting Pay-per-use financing. linx4’s platform is an Industrial IoT solution that combines secure and trustworthy industry data with financing algorithms, to meet new customer demands for more flexibility without compromising risk-management and scalability.

Linx4: Your one-stop solution for Pay-per-Use financing.

For any information, please contact our Head of Sales - Lara Hubmann.

Lara Hubmann

Head of Sales and Marketing in linx4


Tel.: +43 660 979 111 6

Michael Huth

Head of Sales and Marketing in ZK-system


Tel.: +49 (0) 61 61 – 93 07 – 0

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