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Pay-per-Use based
Maintenance Contracts

Equipment buyers (operator) signing 8-times more often full-service contracts, if the maintenance fees are based on actual usage, which increases the after-sales revenues of the equipment builder (OEM). The equipment user profits from high class service, which leads to a higher OEE!

The Problem 

Equipment builders (OEMs) often struggle to meet their after-sales revenue targets because their customers:


  • have no significant incentives to purchase these services directly from the OEM

  • can often purchase spare parts, maintenance services and other consumables less expensive from a third-party supplier.


  • were not able to obtain suitable financing for these services (traditional financing companies are not interested in financing these services)

It shows that in many industries only 1 in 10 contracts includes a full-service agreement

The Solution

Together with linx4, equipment builders (OEM) are able to offer Pay-per-Use based maintenance contracts, which allow:


  • the equipment buyer (operator) to pay only for the maintenance they really need

  • the OEMs to increase their after-sales revenue significantly with very limited risk

Full-service contracts are signed 8-times more often, if the maintenance fees are based on actual usage in combination with Pay-per-Use financing!

The Process


  • The OEM receives the purchase price of the equipment and an option to conclude a full-service agreement from linx4 

  • The operator pays maintenance and financing costs based on the actual utilization

  • The maintenance fees can be
    pre-financed by linx4

  • The OEM executes the maintenances and receiveson-going sustainable maintenance revenues

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Benefits for the OEM

  • Signing full-service contracts with the operator over financing period and secure stable after-sales cash-flows

  • Strengthen customer loyalty through full service contracts as well as long-term supply of spare parts

  • Increase ROS per customer by signing service contracts


Benefits for the
Equipment Buyer

  • Pay only for the maintenance you really need - based on your utilization

  • Increase availability and OEE due to reliable high level maintenance 

  • Secure higher residual value of the equipment and extent its life-cycle

  • Get more insights about your equipment by analyzing real-time machine data 

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