Equipment Financing

Sell more equipment and take over new target groups with usage-based financing

Sell More Equipment & Additional Services

Increase business revenue by lowering your customer's Initial investment costs and up selling them on aftermarket services

Get Actionable Performance Data

Analyze the profitability of each customer, equipment type, and geographic region by reviewing your machinery's performance, like uptimes and downtimes.

Test Pay-Per-Use Risk Free

Test the market demand for Equipment-as-a-Service without transforming your entire business, while we manage your entire pay-per-use operations.

Customer Success Stories

Pulp & Paper Industry Case Study

"We sold more equipment thanks to usage-based financing."

Industry leading OEM sold additional equipment by offering flexible payment options to their customer.

Why Usage-based Financing?

Check out our blog to learn more about how usage-based financing can help you sell more equipment.

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