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Learn more about linx4 and its unique financing solutions  

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What is Pay-per-Use financing?

If you use the equipment less, you have to pay less - it is as easy as that!

Pay-per-Use financing allows equipment buyers (operators) to link its actual equipment utilization to the financing installments enabled by IoT-Data and secure connectivity. You decide about the flexibility of the payments. Choose a flexibility level between 25% and 75% and make your cash management resilient to any kind of production downtime or decrease in orders.

Click & Finance Online Calculator

As we see ourselves as the business that will flexibilize and simplify asset financing on a whole new level we challenge ourselves on a daily level to keep processes lean. Our Click & Finance online calculator enables you to calculate your individual Pay-per-Use financing in less than two minutes including all necessary credit checks.

Whenever you want, wherever you want: In three steps to your new equipment!

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How do we refinance ourself in the market?

linx4 is backed by the linx4 Equipment Fund which is only available for leading institutional investors. The linx4 Equipment Fund enables us to transfer the utilization risk from the equipment buyer (operator) and OEM to third parties.

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Top-notch data security processes

linx4 uses a unique two-factor-data-verification-process combined with big data analysis to make sure, that all data is not falsifiable and is always handled trustfully.

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Take a deep-dive into linx4 and its ecosystem. Learn how we work and how we enable Pay-per-Use financing.

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How does our risk management work?

We strongly believe in the value of data driven business models Therefore we build ours on over 24 mio historic equipment usage data points (and still counting). Also linx4 developed an AI driven risk management system to minimize the risk for everyone.

In a nutshell

The OEM receives 100% of the retail price immediately from linx4 while the equipment buyer (operator) enjoys flexible financing as they repay linx4 for every unit produced. The significant part of the utilization risk is transferred to the fund which diversifies risk by holding equipment in several industries and countries. The transfer of the risk to the fund enables the equipment buyer (operator) to profit from new accounting and costing opportunities.

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