Equipment Financing

Increase revenue and optimize your NPL-ratio with linx4’s equipment financing platform.

Increase revenue & optimize NPL-ratio

Register as a financing partner on linx4’s platform to receive more financing deals and UBF opportunities.

Financial institutions make more money per financing contract and decrease NPL ratios by offering flexible repayment rates and leveraging additional upfront fees.

Obtain actionable performance data

Minimize risk and analyze the profitability of every customer, equipment type, and geographic region by reviewing a machine’s performance data (downtimes, output, etc.).

Instantly scale with only one platform

Overcome scalability hurdles all the while leveraging tailor-made financial products. 

linx4 is the one-stop solution that manages data administration, contracting, invoicing, and repayment rate calculations.

Traditional Financing vs. Usage-based Financing

Traditional Financing

Repayment rate
Machine utilization
Rigid repayment rate

Traditional financing possesses evident weaknesses in cash-flow optimization and risk-sharing for borrowers.


Usage-based Financing

Repayment rate
Lower limit

Usage-based financing is a scalable solution that adjusts to a borrower's economic well-being.

Machine utilization
Dynamic repayment rate
Upper limit

Why Usage-based Financing?

Check out our blog to learn more about how usage-based financing can help you sell more equipment.

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