IoT-data for better risk management

Increase your market share by delivering flexible financing solutions to your customers. The linx4 software and data allows you to increase risk-adjusted returns and manages risks more efficiently.

Ready-to-use technology

Ready to be used as a white-labelled platform or under the linx4 brand.

The technology has been developed based on historic and real-time data & manages data administration, invoicing, pricing, risk & portfolio management.

Trustful IoT data & predictive algorithms

Minimize risk and analyze the profitability of every customer, equipment type, and geographic region by reviewing a machine’s performance data (downtimes, output, etc.).

Instantly scale with only one platform

Overcome scalability hurdles all the while leveraging tailor-made financial products. 

linx4 is the one-stop solution that manages data administration, contracting, invoicing, and repayment rate calculations.

Traditional Financing vs. Usage-based Financing

Traditional Financing

Repayment rate
Machine utilization
Rigid repayment rate

Traditional financing possesses evident weaknesses in cash-flow optimization and risk-sharing for borrowers.

Repayment rate
Lower limit

Usage-based financing is a scalable solution that adjusts to a borrower's economic well-being.

Machine utilization
Dynamic repayment rate
Upper limit

Usage-based Financing

Why Usage-based Financing?

Check out our blog to learn more about how usage-based financing can help you sell more equipment.

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