Creating a new investment asset class 

The linx4 Equipment fund closes the gap between the equipment buyer’s financing requirements and bank’s lending principles and acts as a re-financing partner of linx4, which is backed by global players.

IoT data for better risk management

Based on over 22 mio historic equipment usage data points (and still counting) linx4 developed an AI driven risk management system to minimize the fund investors risk and take over additional risks like utilization or business risk.


AI driven portfolio composition 

Intelligent algorithms support the linx4 Equipment fund to invest into the right portfolio composition at the lowest risk level and increase diversification effects.

Trustful Industrial
IoT data & digital contracts

The linx4 Equipment fund uses a two-factor-data-verification-process combined with big data analysis to make sure, that the data is not falsifiable and trustfully handled. The integrated digital contracts allow to scale up very fast.

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