Conveniently buy new equipment.

Overcome investment hurdles, switch from CAPEX to OPEX and pay back stress-free with pay-per-use leasing.

Produce Less, Pay Less

Optimize your cash-flow, by linking equipment usage data to your repayment rate: If you produce less, you must pay back less and safe liquidity.

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Scale with the latest equipment without burning a ton of money.

Replace outdated equipment stressless, take advantage of the latest technology, and overcome ramp-up phases with usage-based leasing.

Unlock balance sheet effects and tax payments benefits

Utilize equipment without impacting your balance sheet (also compliant under IFRS 16) and optimize tax payments by switching from CAPEX to OPEX.

Leverage actionable performance data

Increase productivity, analyze downtime causes, and monitor maintenance cycles for the ultimate 4.0 production experience.

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