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Produce less, pay less

Optimize your cash-flow management, by linking equipment usage to your Pay-per-Use financing rate: If you produce less, you pay less and save financial liquidity.

Why Pay-per-Use financing? 

Pay-per-Use financing is your chance to make your business more resistant to production downtimes, decreases in product demand or any other unplanned event. Become independent from supply bottlenecks and other risks. We take over your utilization risks so you can focus on your core competencies!

You want to share your
Utilization Risk because...



... your utilization forecast is unclear



... you want to have a safe harbour 



... you just need a slight degree of flexibility 


Unlock balance sheet and tax paying Benefits

Utilize equipment without stressing your balance sheet and optimize your tax burden - also compliant under IFRS 16!

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Profit from new opportunities
for your cash management

Pay-per-Use financing enables you to switch from investment costs (CAPEX) to operational costs (OPEX), which keeps your balance sheet lean, optimize your balance sheet figures and increase your shareholder value. 

Contribute to your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Kick-start the circular economy with Pay-per-Use Financing, as every financed machine will have at least one second life!

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