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Sell more equipment & increase your revenue! 

linx4 shows you how to generate attractive, additional revenues, risk free! 

We guarantee that you receive the retail price of your equipment immediately and - as a full-service partner - we enable you to focus on your core competencies.


Why Pay-per-Use financing? 

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Sell more equipment with flexible financing

Increase your revenues and enter new markets by eliminating your customer's investment hurdles through the implementation of a Pay-per-Use financing model at your Point of Sales. 

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Instantly receive 100% of your retail price

Working with linx4 is your gurantee to receive the full price of your equipment sales immediately, whilst your customers profit from Pay-per-Use financing.

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Upsell customers with long-term service agreements

Receive stable revenue streams  from full-service maintenance contracts over the entire financing duration. 

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Manage the secondary market & get valuable performance data

Get the chance to manage the secondary market of your machineries. Access to performance data of your machinery, like uptimes and downtimes will help you to improve the quality of your equipment and reach your sustainability goals.

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Generate attractive incentives from every sold machine 

We want to grow with you together. Therefore we offer you the possibility to participate on every single contract with a risk free commission.

Take a look at our products

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Increase your after-sales revenues significantly 

Grow your after-sales revenues by selling
full-service agreements with every single
Pay-per-Use contract!

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Counteract price pressure in your products' market

Unique financing models enable you to reduce and refinance your retail price, which allows you to win price sensitive customers more often!

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Benefit from attractive commissions with every financed machine

Become our distribution partner and earn additional revenues through our attractive commission system and build up a passive income

Learn how linx4 can help your
business sell more equipment.

Let's chat!

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