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Sell more equipment & increase revenue! 

linx4 allows you to capture new markets by 
providing your customers with flexible pay-per-use leasing options.

We want to help you sell more outstanding equipment by offering new financing alternatives that plug into your existing sales operations. 

How does Pay-per-Use financing work? 

It's similar to a traditional, fixed financing agreement, but this time, the equipment buyer repays a variable amount for every unit of inventory they produce.

Best of all?

You receive 100% of the sale amount from the linx4 Equipment fund while the equipment buyer enjoys flexible financing as they repay the bank for every unit produced.

It's a win-win-win situation

You get 100% of your money, immediately. 

Machine buyers get their equipment with flexible payments.


linx4 Equipment fund diversifies risk through another client. 

Why Pay-per-Use leasing? 

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Sell more equipment with flexible leasing.

Increase business revenue by lowering your customer's Initial investment costs by offering usage-based opex-oriented financing options and entering new target markets risk-free.

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Instantly receive 100% of your sale amount.

Working with linx4's equipment fund backed by industry-leading players, guarantees  that you receive the full amount of your equipment sale while your customers profits from Pay-per-Use payment.

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Upsell customer's with long-term service agreements.

Increase new revenue sources by creating contractual terms that require your customers to utilize your equipment services over their machine’s useful life.

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Managing secondary market & get actionable performance data.

Managing the secondary market of your equipment and profit from high quality in a second life cycle. Insights about your machinery’s performance, like uptimes and downtimes will help you to improve the quality of your equipment and reach your sustainability goals.

Customer Success Stories

Pulp & Paper Industry Case Study

"We sold more equipment thanks to usage-based leasing."

Industry leading OEM sold additional equipment by offering flexible payment options to their customer.


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