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Pay-per-Use Incentive System
for Selected Partners

Become our distribution partner and earn additional revenues through our attractive commission system and build up sustainable passive income!


The Problem 

Equipment Builders (OEM) & Selected Partners:

Not only need to sell their main product, but also need to offer financing solutions to their customers and want to be compensated for their effort.


Equipment Buyers (Operator):
Asking their suppliers and partners actively for new financing solutions, which decrease their CAPEX and risk.

Traditional Financial Institutions:

Do not have the possibility to pay attractive commissions to their partners, due to an outdated business model​.

The Solution

Equipment Builders (OEMs) and selected partners, which contribute to the growth of linx4’s equipment portfolio by offering linx4's Pay-per-Use financing to their customers benefit from an attractive incentive system.  For each signed Pay-per-Use Financing contract, the partner receives a yearly recurring payment over the entire financing contract duration.

Our incentive system offers OEMs and selected partners the chance to generate risk-free passive income of up to 1% of the financing volume!

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The Process

  • OEM or selected partner offers  the linx4 Pay-per-Use financing solution to the equipment buyer

  • As soon as the financing contract is signed, the OEM or the selected partner receives an annual commission based on the overall financing volume

  • OEM or selected partner receives annual commissions until the financing contract  with the equipment buyer ends

Benefits for OEMs or selected partners

  • Earn additional revenues through our attractive commission system and build up a passive income

  • Enhance your USP by adding adjacent business models to your service offering

  • Gain new sales opportunities by introducing our flexible Pay-per-Use financing solution to your clients

Illustrative Payments of Annual Commission Fee

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