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Pay-per-Use Financing for
Industrial Equipment

Share up to 75% utilization-risk with the financing partner you will love!

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Pay-per-Use Financing allows
Equipment Builders (OEMs):

​Close deals four times faster through Point of Sales Financing​

linx4 allows you to calculate Pay-Per-Use pricings immediately at your point of sales.

Offer your customers (equipment operators) instant individual calculations.


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Increase Return on Sales (ROS) by

Winning more and also price-sensitive customers, 

upsell clients with full-service contracts.

Build Sustainable Revenue

With minimal risk by using the linx4 Pay-per-Use Financing. 

Receive sustainable cash-flows over the whole contract duration.


Pay-per-Use Financing allows
Equipment Buyers (Operators):

Optimize your Cash-Flow and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

If you produce less, you pay less. Save your liquidity and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) if production targets are not met.

Share up to 75% of the utilization risk

Outsource utilization risk to linx4. 

Be insured against worst cases like loss of orders, technical breakdowns,...

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Keep your balance sheet lean

Off-balance sheet treatment under IFRS16 and local GAAP.

Change your equipment portfolio from CAPEX to OPEX.

Pay-per-Use Financing Products

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Pay-per-Use Financing

linx4 provides a new flexible way of equipment financing, which offers significant benefits for equipment buyers and equipment builders enabled by Industrial IoT and new equipment investors.

94% of all machine manufacturers are convinced that pay-per-use financing models can increase machine sales even in times of crisis

Read our new Pay-per-Use Study, where more than 100 machine manufacturers were surveyed 
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