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What we do

linx4 is an Austrian based financing company with a unique market USP in true Pay-per-Use Financing for industrial equipment, where linx4 takes over up to 75% usage risk. linx4 offers Point of Sales (POS) financing for Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to strongly increase equipment and after sales revenues with innovative financing solutions. The Pay-per-Use Financing of linx4 is based on an outstanding Industrial IoT (IIoT) and AI risk management solution, to enable usage-risk sharing. linx4 operates in over 20 European countries.

linx4: your one-stop solution for usage-based financing.

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Managing Team 

Paul Bruckberger.jpg

Paul holds a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and executive management. He started his career in the IoT as well as in the  food and beverage industry.

Paul Bruckberger


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Peter Oser


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Rolf Steffens.jpg

Rolf has been in credit, asset-based and project finance most of his career and over 30 years in leading positions with major investment banks in London, New York and Hongkong. He acts as court appointed expert witness in international litigation cases, holds professional qualifications in risk management and Islamic finance as well as lectures financial accounting and risk management at Munich Business School.

Senior Advisors

Rolf Steffens

Senior Advisor

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Markus Buncsak.jpg

Markus has spent more than 25 years in corporate and investment banking with leading international and domestic banks in Germany. His focus was on financial solutions in the bank and capital markets for corporate and institutional clients. Most recently he serves as Board Member/Chief Risk Officer in a small bank

Markus Buncsak

Senior Advisor

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Michael Bruckerger.jpg

Michael is a serial-entrepreneur in the Industrial IoT field. He served with his companies different Fortune 500 companies.

Michael Bruckberger

Senior Advisor / IIoT Expert

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Peter has had a successful career of more than 20 years in investment banking, insurance and asset management in the UK and Germany, serving most recently as Chief Investment Officer of one of Germany’s largest life insurance companies. Prior to that he founded and set-up a UK insurance start-up, after having held various senior positions in fixed income trading and structuring.

Team Lead

Marketing & Sales 
Team Lead

Christoph Lorb Ritzer.jpg

Before linx4 "Lorb” was the first developer at a leading fintech company. During the growth phase he learned how to scale up a company, not only from a technical point of view – he also lead a larger developer team.

Christoph "Lorb" Ritzer

Lead Software Architect


Lara holds a university degree in marketing and sales and a master's degree in sales management for technical products. Before joining linx4, she worked for  different companies and now leads our marketing and sales team.

Lara Hubmann

Lead Marketing & Sales

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What sets us apart from others? 

Our team brings together years of experience in finance and banking and experts in industrial IoT solutions to enrich the market for machinery and equipment financing with a unique financing model. With an experienced management team, the right entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding specialists, we see ourselves as the company that will transform this market for good.


Where we operate

We have launched our pay-per-use financing solution in all major European and EEA markets and are continuously working to expand this list. Our deep knowhow allows us to develop unique solutions for your financing concerns around the world. 


linx4 GmbH

Head Office

Schottenfeldgasse 2-4; Top 22

1070 Vienna

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