Your one-stop equipment financing platform

Usage-based financing has never looked so good until now. 

linx4 allows you to capture new market demand by providing your customers with flexible pay-per-use financing options.

We want to help you sell more outstanding equipment by offering new financing alternatives that plug into your existing sales operations. 
Leverage your equipment sales
Why should you care, equipment builders? 

When offering usage-based financing, you increase your sales by providing your customers with more flexible payment options, all the while leveraging the benefits from your pay-per-use pricing models.

Sell more equipment

Easily adopt a new business model: Equipment-as-a-Service

'Click & Finance' with 1 click to the cost per piece

Why do your customers want
better financing options? 

They love your equipment, but they’re just having a hard time paying the full amount upfront. 


linx4 removes their buying barriers and introduces flexible usage-based financing that utilizes equipment uptime and downtime, allowing customers to repay for the hours they produce.

Lower upfront capital investment

More transparent financing costs

Utilization-based repayment rates

How does linx4's financing platform work?

The one-stop solution of linx4 includes different established partnerships with banks to cover a range of usage-based financing tools as well as with insurance companies to facilitate risk reduction. Apart from the partnerships, linx4 has developed an outstanding end-to-end Industrial IoT connectivity to generate needed machine usage data. To enable reliable data sharing and analysis of the usage and financing data, linx4 has developed a 2-factor-data-verification process as well as an end-to-end encryption.

End-to-End encryption

One-stop solution with financing partners

Over 4,000 digitalized machines around the globe

Customer Case Studies

Pulp & Paper Industry Case Study

"We sold more equipment thanks to usage-based financing."

Industry leading OEM sold additional equipment by offering flexible payment options to their customer.


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